Welcome To Gateway

I was a founder member of Gateway to Gestalt. When it was formed it brought together a network of Gestalt therapists in the Norfolk area to promote our unique therapy in Norfolk. Since its creation many years ago 2 of our members have retired.

I have decided to continue the ideals of the original team and take-on the banner of Gateway 2 Gestalt.

I offer support for you to work through issues of self-esteem, depression, bereavement, relationship difficulties, physical, sexual and emotional abuse; addictions and co-dependency. Or if you can’t seem to let go of a particular difficulty or issue that appears to fill your life.

Just STOP for a moment... and IMAGINE how you might feel if you could find a way to deal with your troubles, lift your spirit and welcome a new dawn. Take your first steps to this brand- new day by walking through the ‘Gateway’ before you to work with me, an experienced Gestalt therapist.

I invite you to contact me to discuss what you need. You will find my contact details on the contact page.