About me
I began my own personal development in earnest in 1995, because of an overwhelming need to understand my life in relationship to everything around me. I decided to explore Gestalt in 1998 on a Foundation course with Cambridge G.A.T.E. (Gestalt Awareness, Training and Experience). Having completed this I made a commitment to the whole course to become a practising Gestaltist.

I reached my goal in 2004 and went onto achieve my BACP accreditation in 2010.

During and after my training I worked as a volunteer counsellor at Off The Record counselling service in Norwich. I now work exclusively in private practise as a Gestalt therapist.

I believe that self-exploration can help to resolve inner conflicts, and open a deeper understanding in the ‘here and now’ of our relationship to ourselves and others. This ‘present’ is a gift to ourselves and through becoming aware of choice we are opened up to all the possibilities available to support us in life.

My fee is £38 for an hour-long session. The days I work are

  • Monday and Tuesdays, between 9:15am to 8pm
  • Wednesday evenings between 4pm to 7pm.

Although I work mostly from my home in Blofield, I also have limited availability to a workspace in Norwich.